Gentoo and upgrades

I should remember to upgrade my Gentoo box on a regular basis. I should do this, because it will keep the updates to a minimum, and allow me to determine which portion of the mass of changes is going to affect my installs.

I should. But I don't.

Case in point.

Today, I updated. I upgraded my kernel from 2.6 to 3.2. After a reboot, everything was fine. I then upgraded some commonly used software, such as openssl, fluxbox, firefox, etc. I then worked happily and forgot about it.

The next day. X is br0ken. It is unable to find an ssl library. Oh crap.

I look to see what updates are for xorg-server. Oh, I'm at version 7.x, and now they are up to 11 (spinal tap reference). I perform the upgrade. X works! Yay! Keyboard and mouse do not. Booo!

Not to fear!

Apparently, in the newest version of Xorg-server, it's using Events now (with evdev). I failed to enable this in my 3.2 kernel. After enabling this driver and rebooting, I have my box back with a GUI again.

Where is this evdev driver in the 3.2 kernel?

If you use menuconfig:

# make menuconfig

Then, navigate to:

Device Drivers ---> Input device support ---> Event interface <*>

Then do a:

# make -j4 all
# make modules_install
# make install

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